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Support Us

Support Us

Consulting is a corporate membership organisation of management consulting firms which aims to support and strengthen its individual partner’s market position.

Help us grow and upskill more Sri Lankan youths

Admissions are now open for 2024, and we are kindly requesting donations to support the completion of two 5-storey buildings, each spanning 18,000 square feet. 

This will help us reach our goal of enrolling 500 students each year, so we can continue to empower more young people with the skills they need to enter the workplace. 

Details on how to donate are below. 

Sponsor a student

The easiest and best way to help is by sponsoring a student, for the 2-year duration of their course. Your sponsorship will help cover the food, accommodation, medical care, education materials and amenities that the student requires during their time at Nalanda Campus. 

To contribute, you can choose a monthly per-head sponsorship of $125, or something else. 

Click below to find out more. 

Building Project

IUHS – Nalanda Campus was officially launched in October 2022, and we are rolling out an aggressive expansion strategy in next ten years. We wish to enrol 500 students every year for the first five years and 1000 students thereafter. Required infrastructure for this project is estimated to be LKR 1,240,383,602 (3,398,311 USD). Please refer to below fact sheet for more information.

Download fact sheet

Operational Cost

You can also support us with monthly operational cost of the campus, based on number of students, operational cost per month is 12,328.50 (USD )

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